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problem with Jbase from TEMENOS

Efim Kushnir
Frequent Advisor

problem with Jbase from TEMENOS

Dear Sirs,
sorry for my English.

We have L1000, one CPU 440, 1 Gb RAM, 100 Gb HDD (1x73, 3x9)with HP-UX 11i OE with standart tuning of system (without additional change of kernel).

On server was install JBase database from TEMENOS.
With help of it software was opened 6 DB x 3 Gb. At the same time 40-50 users has access to different DB's from six.
While was 2 DB's all users working normal. When was add another 4 DB's the users start inform administrator about slow work in time of login to DB (not in HP-UX).

Can we augment the performance of server through tuning kernel parameters or another action with OS ?

If somebody know how we can it for best performance of it database please give me instruction.

Best regards,
Look for the answers, do not stop !