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sybase database question

Ragni Singh
Super Advisor

sybase database question

I have a database called prod that users are currently using and cant be touched. I need to load another database so is it possible to load teh database using a different name like test_prod even though test_prod database is not created.

syntax would be load database test_prod "....."

Thanks and point will be assigned.
Ravi Kosaraju_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: sybase database question

Hi Sanjit

You will need to take a full backup of the prod database first. e.g.
dump database prod to '/backup/prod.ddump'

You can then load the above db to the new test_prod db as,

load database test_prod from '/backup/prod.ddump'
online database test_prod

However, you will need to first create the test_prod db prior to loading the db. The test_prod db needs to be at least the same size as prod.

You will find more info here.

If you need to be able to do "hot backups", you will need to enable "trunc. log on chkpt" option. You will find all that described in the above link.

- Ravi