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1783 Error on Smart 4200 Array Controller

Christopher M. Ryan
Occasional Visitor

1783 Error on Smart 4200 Array Controller

I've applied the latest Rompaq (1.48) for this controller and I still get a 1783 error at post on this controller. It's installed in a Proliant 7000 (PentPro). I hit F1 and the server boots normally and all disk arrays are working nicely. No other problems. What do you think?
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: 1783 Error on Smart 4200 Array Controller

This is the description of the 1783 error:
If this message appears immediately following a ROM installation, the ROM is defective or not installed properly. Check to see if the Array Accelerator board is attached properly. Check that the array controller is firmly inserted in its slot. Try upgrading the System ROMs. Otherwise, replace the Smart Array Controller.

Hope this helps,