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A3232A array problem

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Occasional Contributor

A3232A array problem

Hi all,
I have got a problem with an array. I can not see (ioscan ,sam)any array controller on my HP9000 system. I have connected the array to 2 internal scsi controllers. The array is terminated properly.
arraydsp -i tells me that there is no array connected to the ARMServer.
If anybody can suggest idea to sort out this issue it will be very helpful to me.

Kind Regards

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: A3232A array problem

looks like you're dealing with this hardware first time. This is Nike 20 disk array, but array* commands (ARMServer) is software for autoraids (12 and 12h).
This A3232A has 2 FWD controllers, and you should use correct cables and terminators. 'ioscan -fn' should show controlllers and LUNs configured.
What can you do: get null modem cable and connect to each SP controller and get to presentation utility to understand what array is thinking about itself.
There should be no yellow leds in front and back of the array
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: A3232A array problem

What type of server? Are you connecting it to a FWD controller? Is there any other devices/arrays/disks connected in the same bus? Are the SCSI IDs set properly? Did you try looking at the array with a console?

Check basic cabling, power supply, SCSI bus settings etc. first.
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Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: A3232A array problem

As Eugeny says, ARMserver (and the arrayxxx commands) won't work with this box. We need more info to help you.

If you're connecting to a D- or K-class SCSI, it's got to be FWD (for 68-pin SCSI), so that would be OK, then ioscan should see it and claim it, etc.

If you're connecting to a newer box with UltraSCSI LVD, this old Nike array won't work, although FWD (HVD SCSI) cards exist that will let you make it work on the newer boxes.

If you can get ioscan to see it, use SAM to set up LUNs and administer the array (provided you have needed patches, etc). Or, as noted earlier, connect a dumb terminal to the 9-pin serial port on each SP.

The standard console cable won't work -- wrong gender, and it is not a "null modem" crossover. There is a cable for this that came with the array, but if you don't have it you can cobble something up from a null-modem cable and gender-changers and DB9-DB25 converters, as needed. It can be a pain.

What you get on the dumb terminal screen is a text-based "window" with the array represented by text boxes. You tab from disk to disk and so forth. Kind of kludgy but it works.

Hope this helps. --bmr
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Occasional Contributor

Re: A3232A array problem

Hi Brian, Shiju and Eugeny,

thank you all for your answer. You are right, Eugeny, I am new with this Hardware :-(. So lets specify the environment: It a HP9000 K Class. The array is connected to 2 separate SCSI Controllers (HP 28696A) There is no other device connected to the SCSI Bus. The ioscan will not show me any information of the array. This machine is a used machine, new in our environment. Before It worked fine with the array. The SCSI Controller ID is 7 and the arrayID is 6 and 5. I am still looking for the appropriate serial-cable, to connect to the array.
Perhaps someone of you has further ideas.

Thanks in advance