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Add disk to Smart Array Controller

Occasional Advisor

Add disk to Smart Array Controller

Hi, I have an open drive bay in my Proliant DL580 and want to add an additional drive to the RAID5 array to increase disk space. Smart Array Controller Hardware Revision A, Firmware Version 1.42.

Should I prepare to lose all my data and reinstall, or will the software detect and add the additional drive/space automatically?

I am running NT Server 4.0 with one array, one logical drive, and three physical drives.


John Grove_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Add disk to Smart Array Controller


You should be able to expand the RAID 5 array and create a new logical disk using the additional space. NT will see this as a new disk.

Steve Labar
Valued Contributor

Re: Add disk to Smart Array Controller

It is always a good idea to back-up your data and prepare for the worst. You should be able to extend the logical drive, but I would rather be prepared for the worst case scenario and not need it than not plan for it and need it.

Good Luck.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Add disk to Smart Array Controller

Thank you John and Steve for your replies.

I will assume that if things go correctly, the drive will appear in "Compaq Smart Array Configuration Utility" and that I can append to the existing array A the additional space.

But, then how do I extend the NTFS partitions under Windows NT. Or is my only option to create another Windows partition with the extra space (I currently have a C: and a D: spread across the array)?

Thanks again.
Michael Hönemann
Occasional Contributor

Re: Add disk to Smart Array Controller

Hi Bill,

in the first step, you should
update the driver of the controller, then update the
firmware of the controller and the system.
Then you can add the drive with the ACU. You can add the disk to the raidset, and then you must add a new logical drive. The new logical drive
is a new drive in OS, you must create a new partition.