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Adding extra disk to Smart Array 532

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Fred de Klein_1
Occasional Contributor

Adding extra disk to Smart Array 532

Hi there,
we are having one Proliant server with a SA532, with only 3 disks, one disk on it's own, and two making up a raid1 configuration. If I wanted to add an extra disk to the single one to make that a Raid1 config as well, would the data on the single disk remain preserved, or would that get lost.
The single disk has already been assigned to the Smart Array, the new one has not.

Your help much appreciated.

Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding extra disk to Smart Array 532

Hi Fred;

You can migrate from RAID0 to RAID1 on the second array that currently has a single drive on it.

You'll find the option to migrate in the Array Configuration Utility. This procedure is not data-destructive, so you will retain your current data on the drive.

You'll end up with two arrays in RAID1 off the same channel of the controller.

Hope that helps,

To get results you've never had before, try something you've never tried before.
Fred de Klein_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Adding extra disk to Smart Array 532

Hi Janine,
that definitely helps. Already expected it, but someone told me it would destroy the data on the existing disk.
Thanks for your help