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Array 221 controller not found after failed option pack upgrade.

Jan Eric Chute
Occasional Visitor

Array 221 controller not found after failed option pack upgrade.

Have a proliant 3000 server, with NT4 server OS. worked fine for 5 years. Was suposed to uppgrade it to w2k or w2k3.

Did the latest RomPaq upgrade (4.15A)on the server (with a couple of reboots), and then Option Pack vers.3.10A for the 221 Array controller. It failed during flashing on the 221 card and now the Array 221 controller card does not show up at all on boot (was SCSI ID 7).

Have a tapedrive on internal-SCSI port 1 (ID 6) still showing on boot.

Tried to erase the system with SmartStart 4.40 cd, and switch 6 in ON possition, on the Proliant, for one boot. Same result. Can not find the array controller.

All the LED's on the 221 card are lit, but have no info of the meaning of this.

There is no POST error messages on boot. Seems normal on boot except for the 221 card.

Is there any way to erase, or fabric resett the 221 card?, or must I bye flash-roms from HP (if possible?)

Or is there another way of solving this problem?
Preciate any help!