Storage Boards Cleanup
To make it easier to find information about HPE Storage products and solutions, we are doing spring cleaning. This includes consolidation of some older boards, and a simpler structure that more accurately reflects how people use HPE Storage.
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Command View EVA

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Command View EVA

Hi there!

Does anybody can help me with the documentation on HP Storage Works Command View EVA ?
Where can I find it on

If you have a link post it please
I would appreciate very much
Respected Contributor

Re: Command View EVA

Thanx, but it is not exatly wnat I need.
I need documentation on Command View EVA.
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View EVA

Try here:

It's the user guide for the EVA (16MB PDF). Chapter 3 is all about Command View EVA.
Also try Command View EVA's Online Help

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View EVA

the 'getting started guide' and the 'release notes' are here:

(the 'getting started guide' is hidden in the V2.0 section)

Some more information is also in the EVA user guide: