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[Command View] Installation

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Occasional Contributor

[Command View] Installation


I would like to know if I can install Command View 9.1 on a server on wich there is another software. In my case, we would like to install it on our backup servers (Win2003).
Is there any restrictions ?
Is it better to install it on a dedicated virtualized server ?

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: [Command View] Installation

Command View needs to have direct access tot he SAN in order to see and manage your storage. THis means it needs to have an HBA in the server.

Last I checked (and it's been a while now), CV was not supported in a VM, but others may have gotten it to work. I was going to attempt this, but more important issues/projects filled up my time.

Just so you know...

I have Command View 9.2 (and had previous versions) running on a server with... VMware vCenter Server, HP Rapid Deployment Pack and other various tools.

It is highly unlikely that your backup software would interfere with CV.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
MCSE (NT 4.0, W2K, W2K3)
VCP (ESX2, Vi3, vSphere4, vSphere5)
NPP3 (Nutanix Platform Professional)
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: [Command View] Installation

CV 9.3 is supported on a VM.
evaperf however does not work in a VM.

See the release notes and installation guide here for details:〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64179&taskId=101&prodTypeId=18964&prodSeriesId=471497

It says in the installation guide that you can install it on a general purpose server (file and print services).
Valued Contributor

Re: [Command View] Installation

If you put it on a backup server it may slow down any CV functions when your backup is running and/or slow down your backup.

Frequent Advisor

Re: [Command View] Installation

CV in a VM is only supported for EVA4400/6400/8400.

I tried it with EVA3k/4k/5k/8k but it shows only one of the two EVA controllers in CV.