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Different SCSI speed disks on MSA500

Regular Advisor

Different SCSI speed disks on MSA500

I understand that the MSA storage devices have an internal bus speed of U160.

Given an MSA500 with existing Ultra320 disks, is there any disadvantage to adding disks to an array which have the exact same size and spindle-speed, but are Ultra3 rather than Ultra320?

If the internal interface is limited to Ultra3 speeds anyway, then I'd guess it should be ok?

I'm basically looking to re-deploy some disks from another storage unit that I've just replaced with larger disks.


Honored Contributor

Re: Different SCSI speed disks on MSA500


There would be no difference whatsoever if you use either U160 or U320 disks - they will be limited to the internal bus speed anyway.

Don't panic! [THGTTG]