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Disk array upgrade and position change

Daniel Tan_4
Occasional Contributor

Disk array upgrade and position change

Currently, I have MSA1000 with 10 x 72GB HDD.
Array A (RAID5) on bay 1-8,
Array B (RAID0) on bay 9-10.

I wish to upgrade Array A to 145GB on bay 1-12, and move the Array B from bay 9-10 to 13-14.

Is it possible to simply replace the hardisks and move the Array?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk array upgrade and position change

On Array A (RAID5) on bay 1-8 you can replace one by one (replace one and monitor when Array status if Normal, you continue replace more)
On Array B (RAID0) on bay 9-10. It is not possible.
HP is simple
Daniel Tan_4
Occasional Contributor

Re: Disk array upgrade and position change

Hi Nguyen Anh,
Do you mean I can only upgrade 72GB to 145GB on bay 1-8 and the array will automatically grow? What about the empty bays at 11-14?

For bay 9-10, I can't move them to the last two bay (13-14)?
Akos Hegedus
Valued Contributor

Re: Disk array upgrade and position change

I recommend that you pull out the disk when the system powered off. Then power on, after init plug in the new disk wait for resync and move on the same way with the others.

I think it is possible to move the array, you have to switch off the MSA1000 pull out the two disks. Power on. Accept the missing array. Power off. Pug in the disks to the new position. Power on and the system will recognize a new array.

But I see no improvment to do this. You can leave the disk as is and expand Array A with bays 11-14. For the RAID5 array it will be better perform because the load will be balanced better.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk array upgrade and position change

I am not sure I properly understand your first paragraph, but you MUST move the whole array while the power is off!

The sequence is:
- backup your data
- check your array, e.g.:
-- no disk drives failed,missing or degraded
-- configuration in original state = no active spare drives
-- no capacity expanison running
- power off
- move all physical disk drives
- power up
- check the front panel for #86 message
-- meaning drives moved, configuration updated
- verify the new configuration from CLI or ACU

However, I agree with you that it makes sense to evenly distribute the physical disk drives belonging to a disk array over all available SCSI busses.