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EVA 8400 create disk group failed

Respected Contributor

EVA 8400 create disk group failed

Tried to create a disk group with 64 disks and it failed with a message saying not enough volumes available.

But all 64 disks are no longer in the "Ungrouped" disk group.

Under the hardware I select one of the disks and it shows as "Grouped". But for Group Name it's showing "n/a".

What's up with this?

I'm opening up a case with HP but wondering if anyone has seen this before and what was the fix?

The Devil is in the detail.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 8400 create disk group failed

Command View version?

Try with 9.2 if not using it already. It handles better the possible inconsistencies on the metadata.
Valued Contributor

Re: EVA 8400 create disk group failed

When something like this happens, I'd put the brakes on any more changes and have HP support analyze the Metadata ASAP. This is from experience...
check out and evamgt google group