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EVA - SQL Best Practices

Dave Thomson
Super Advisor

EVA - SQL Best Practices


Im looking for documentation on the best practices for a MS SQL server connected to a EVA.

Best setup, configurations and so forth.

Any links welcome.

Sanjay Kumar Suri
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA - SQL Best Practices

Check if the following link useful:

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Andy McCreath
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA - SQL Best Practices

Really there shouldn't be too much of a dependancy on the EVA itself. I have always recommended keeping log files on separate disks and high access data on RAID 0+1, but that said if I/O's are less of an issue than VRAID 5 is ample.
Dual HBA's, Dual Path, etc, all the usual items...

For availablility you should denfinately check this link out:
It has all the info you need for HA/F500 setup & best practise.

All the best,