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EVA Virtual Disk creation (Disk Group selection order)

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Brian Proteau
Frequent Advisor

EVA Virtual Disk creation (Disk Group selection order)

Is there any way to modify what the default disk group is during Virtual Disk creation?

Currently one of our EVAs defaults to a slower tier disk group. I want to minmize mistakes made by defaulting to our common disk group.

Along those same lines how about Vraid type. Default is Vraid1 but, 95% of our Virtual Disks are Vraid5. I've had to to a backup/recreate/restore in the past because one was incorrectly created as Vraid1.

I understand people need to just pay attention to what they are doing but, I'd like to attempt to fool proof it if possible. As new people are trained, they invariably make these types of mistakes.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Virtual Disk creation (Disk Group selection order)

No, that's the way the web pages on Command View are programmed. You could modify the html (each page is stored as an idependent file), but it's too risky,

You can instead create an SSSU script to which you pass the name of the vdisk and the size, and the rest of the parameters are fixed.

You can create predefined SSSU scripts for the most common tasks, leaving only the vdisk name as variable for example.
Brian Proteau
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA Virtual Disk creation (Disk Group selection order)

OK. Thanks. I figured something could be done with a script. That's probably the way to go.