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FC 30 Disk array SP Replacement

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FC 30 Disk array SP Replacement

Hi admins,

We have a FC 30 Array with two controllers. One of the controller failed and array is now running with the redundant.

I got another controller which i have to install in place of the defective.

Can someone tell me the procedure for replacing ?

Can the array be online when i am doing this or should i shutdown my entire system and then do this ?



Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: FC 30 Disk array SP Replacement


I found this document which answers your question:

Tape Drives RULE!!!
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Re: FC 30 Disk array SP Replacement

1/ Remove the failed SP.
2/ Take the memory out of it.
3/ Add the memory in the exact same slots in the new SP
4/ Insert the new SP.
5/ Upgrade the PROM on the New SP via GridManager.
6/ Array is ready on boot.
7/ ioscan -fn
make sure the LUNs are
CLAIMED through the 2 SPs

Number 5:
This ensures that the F/W on the SP is the same as SPA.
The Prom is backed up on disk.

To access the menu, connect to gridmanager, via RS232 9600 baud.. vt220 or vt100 emulation.

Shift 6, us ascii, == ( ^ )
until you reach the main menu.

5 Configuration
3 Controller Changes
5 Upgrade PROM and reboot.

If this menus is not accessible via normal user mode, you can access the SP in 'superuser' mode with
Ctrl P, Shift F E (release Shift), Enter
A reverse FE should appear in the top right of Gridmanager display.

It works for me (tm)