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How make raid5dp in VA7100 ?


How make raid5dp in VA7100 ?

How make raid5dp in VA7100 ?
1,The va7100 have 3 harddisk.
2,The va7100 have 3*36G and 2*73G harddisk.
3,The va7100 have 5*36G and 5*73G harddisk.
Vincent Farrugia
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Re: How make raid5dp in VA7100 ?


I've answered this in my previous post.

You just CANNOT do it on a VA7100. VA7100 supports ONLY:

1. RAID 1+0
2. AutoRAID (which is a combination of RAID 1+0 and RAID 5DP)

What is this AutoRAID thing?

Let's see properties of both RAIDs.

RAID 1+0 is basically a striped mirrored pair.

Advantage: Fast retrieval and storage

Disadvantage: Not very efficient (50%)

RAID 5DP is a distributed dual-parity RAID.

Advantage: Efficient (depending on number of disks)

Disadvantage: Slow to store and retireive data from due to processing.

So, someone came up with the idea of putting these two together and having a win-win situation, with only advantages. They said; data which is used and changes a lot of times, we store it in RAID 1+0, so that it is retrieved speedily. Data which is dormant and not used much, we stored it in RAID 5DP, so that it does not take up much disk space.

That is basically what AutoRAID is.

So, only either RAID 1+0 or AutoRAID for the VA7100.

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Vincent Fleming
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Re: How make raid5dp in VA7100 ?

If you put the VA7100 in AutoRAID mode, you will get about 80% RAID 5DP and 20% RAID 0/1. We're supposed to come out with firmware sometime that will allow 100% RAID 5DP, but it's not out yet.

Good luck!
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Re: How make raid5dp in VA7100 ?

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Re: How make raid5dp in VA7100 ?

Here ya go. The first number is no hot spare, the second number is 1 hot spare.

3-36GB : 48.5GB/32.1GB
3-36GB/2-73GB : 138.1GB/67.9GB
5-36GB/5-73GB : 365.5GB/315.8GB

Decimal capacity, usable, AutoRAID mode.