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How to banish command view from managing array

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How to banish command view from managing array


I have non trivial situation. I have two hosts windows and unix (HPUX11) with command view SDM software installed on both (it's ok with licenses). I want to manage array (VA7400, HP18, connected through brocade swfabric) from windows machine, however, I don't want stupid 3rd party scripts on HPUX which use CMDVSDM mainly for diagnostics to destroy my array :(.

I have configured LUN0 as config write to anyone with secure manager, and write to the machines to their LUN's.

Is it possible not to let HPUX machine format array (it has terrible scripts for that :)), however still leaving diagnostics functionality like armdsp, etc. ?

Like allways I'll give points even for ideas ;)
Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: How to banish command view from managing array

just an idea: i rememer that for formatting arrays you need to input a passord.
And if you change it ? So scripts that use a coded password in them won't run.