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i have a MSA-1000 connected to my HP Rx2620 server via FC cable .i used the CLI and created a LUN (unit) and then used add connection rx2660 wwpn=500B78-F009003 profile=hp
and the rebooted the system and msa. on reboot my system is not detecting the lun or the disks that i have created.. as i missing out something--please help
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: MSA1000


The MSA-1000 needs a firmware upgrade to properly support more than 1 HP-UX server.

If this has been done you should make sure the wwwn matches the output from fcmsutil

If there is a utility on another system for configuring LUNS on the MSA-1000 it needs to be used to create a LUN to present to the HP-UX server.

I am not aware of such a utility that will run on HP-UX

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: MSA1000

i have installed the firmware version 4.48.still iam getting the same error
In Love with Life
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Re: MSA1000


What do 'ioscan -fnC ext_bus' and 'ioscan -fnC disk' return?

The Spartan
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Re: MSA1000


What is the MultiPathing s/w in use?

Please mention the hosts, OS involved and LUNs presented. Possibly mention the MP s/w in use and status of the LUNs wrt to hosts. The same may givw the clue.

I believe you need to ensure proper version MP s/w to work with the latest 4.48 fmware.
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