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does the msa 2000 array controllers support below??

1 - change raid level and size in dynamic.
ex: Change Raid 1 level to Raid 5 in on-line and no data loss.??
ex: change raid size 200 GB to 400 GB ??

2 - change segment size (8KB, 16KB, 32KB, 64KB, 128KB, 256KB, 512KB) in on-line and no data loss.

Occasional Advisor

Re: MSA2000


1- a- The MSA2000 uses what it is called Virtual Disk (arrays). This VDs once created cannot be changed or migrated to a different raid level.
b- they can be expanded or increased in size.
(this can be done in the fly)
However they are some limitations:
Please look at the MSA2000 reference guide pag 72

2- The segment size (chunck size) can be changed also. BY default chunk size is 64 Kbyte. The number can be adjusted to improve
performance. Generally, larger chunks are more effective for sequential reads.

hope that answers your questions.

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