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MSA2312fc Cache configuration

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Occasional Contributor

MSA2312fc Cache configuration


We have three disk arrays, an MSA2312fc, an EVA4100 and an EVA4400, that we are planning to virtulise using SAN Symphony. As SAN symphony will provide a load of read cache memory in the Storage Domain Controllers we are wanting to use all of the cache memory on the arrys for write. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and, if so, how to acheive it?


Stephen Barnett
Respected Contributor

Re: MSA2312fc Cache configuration

Stephen, both your arrays (evas and msa) divide there caches on read cache and write cache and controllers automatically do this. User has no control on this process (well, you can turn the cache on or off but cannot "merge" caches). All you can do to get a maximum performance is correctly configure disk groups and raid levels.
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2312fc Cache configuration

Hello Stephen,

if you're DCIE you should contact DataCore support for help.

I've some MSA2000 G1 and G2 virtualized with SANmelody 2 and 3 at some customers. If you're using EVA you should use on Vdisk for one NMV pool to avoid striped-stripes. :) NMV striping and EVA virtulization doesn't work well together and can cause strange performance issues.

Best regards,