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Metrocluster not seeing the EVAs through SMI-S CIMOM

Marcos LLama
Occasional Contributor

Metrocluster not seeing the EVAs through SMI-S CIMOM

Hi all,

I have a Metrocluster environment with 2 sites and 4 SMI-S (2 on each site). On one of the sites, the primary SMI-S started failing to the Metrocluster package requests:

########### Node "esappo01": Starting package at Thu Nov 29 20:12:32 EDT
2007 ###########
LVM_CMD is vgchange -a e
LVM_VG vgPP1_06
Nov 29 20:12:32 - Node esappo01 : Entering Data Replication Enabler
Nov 29 20:12:32 - Node esappo01 : Connecting to SMI-S server
Nov 29 20:12:32 - Node esappo01 : Error - Failed to get local DR group state fro
m the SMI-S;
No EVA Storage System found in the SMI-S10.100.1
Check the SMI-S and fix the problem.

Using wbemdisco (bundled with HPSIM), I checked that all SMI-S in the platform (except the "faulty" one, can see all EVAs. The strange thing here is that if I log onto Command View on I can see all EVAs, but I cannot see them with wbemdisco.

This was working fine until last week, and I have no idea on what might have changed


HP-UX 11.23
ServiceGuard 11.17
esappo01# swlist|grep -i metrocluster
MCDREnabler A.05.00 Metrocluster Data Replication Enabler Toolkit
T2403BA A.01.00 MetroCluster with Continuous Access EVA Toolkit
HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software Suite
HP StorageWorks CV EVA Performance Monitor
HP StorageWorks SMI-S CIMOM
HP StorageWorks SMI-S EVA

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Marcos LLama

Marcos LLama
Occasional Contributor

Re: Metrocluster not seeing the EVAs through SMI-S CIMOM

Hi, the customer just sent me additional information. If you run "cimprovider -l" on other SMI-S, the list of modules is displayed. On, the output is:

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\pegasus_home\bin>cimprovider -l

Specified provider module was not registered

Thanks and regards,