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Model 12 H supported disks

Tech Dept
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Model 12 H supported disks

I have a Model 12H with 6 18GB 10K drives and 6 4GB 7200RPM drives. What are the drawbacks of doing this?
Trevor Roddam_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Model 12 H supported disks


The main drawback is that if you are using "HotSpare" then the virtual disk space required will be for the largest drive "18GB" and that the whole system will be reduced to the common (speed) denominator of the 7200rpm disks.

There is a mtrix that shows the resulting usable spce when mixing disk capacities.
I would make sure that the disks were spread evenly over the controllers and have the same size disks in opposite slots to each other.

I would ask the question; do you realy need the extra space of the 4GB HDDs?

Have a look at:

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