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Netraid 3si firmware upgrade steps

Occasional Visitor

Netraid 3si firmware upgrade steps

Hello Everybody,

Can you anyone help me to upgrade Netraid 3si Firmware.

Actually I had download and make a floppy diskette but when I am trying to bootup using that floppy diskette the machine can't bootup and it says "non system diskette".

Appreciated If anyone could help me on that issue because prevously I never tried.

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Netraid 3si firmware upgrade steps

(This has been posted elsewhere also , copying answser here again)

Hi Mohan,

just boot from the floppy and it will start the F/W upgrade program, if not, type mflash at the prompt. When the firmware download is done, reboot the system.

Here is the latest (non cluster) f/w for the Netraid 3Si Version C.02.08.