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Performance on 2012i dual controller

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Occasional Advisor

Performance on 2012i dual controller

Could someone point me in the right direction as for testing the performance of a default configured 2012i dual controller MSA on a 1Gbit lan?

What should the average write/read speed be for the datahost and other clients on the lan?

Lars Kragh
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance on 2012i dual controller

I've used "iometer" to produce some load.

There is no real "average write/read speed" - this all depends on the access patterns.

For example: I've used 32 or 64 KByte pure sequential read I/Os and was able to get about 100 MegaBytes/sec from a 4-member RAID-5 volume.

Then I've switched to 512 byte(= single block!) I/Os. The throughput dropped to about 5 MegaBytes/sec, but I saw many, many, many more I/Os per second.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Performance on 2012i dual controller

Thank you Uwe.