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Performance when chaining disk arrays DS2300 to SC10

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Marc Yoder
Occasional Contributor

Performance when chaining disk arrays DS2300 to SC10

I am going to unmirror my test(L2000) system array(SC10) and use 5 disks for a disk backup solution on our production machine(RP4440 - DS2300).
Is it better to attach the SC10 to the RP4440 directly or attach the SC10 to the DS2300?

I am afraid that attaching it to the DS2300 will cause a performance hit on the production array. Is this the case?
I would like to avoid buying another SCSI card for the server, but I will if it means a performance hit.

If I do attach it to the DS2300, does it matter which side I attach it to, since they are mirrored?
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance when chaining disk arrays DS2300 to SC10

If you are chaining SC10 with DS2300, may be there will too many devices for the controller to handle (14 device max). Also you have to ensure there is scsi id clash. I suggest to add aditinal scsi card to connect another storage.

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