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Problem expanding array on DL380R01 with disks from DL380R02

Darin Comi
Occasional Visitor

Problem expanding array on DL380R01 with disks from DL380R02


I seem to have backed myself into a corner and am looking for advice.

I have a pair of DL380 R01 (G1?) with an integrated smart array controller. Call these Operational1 and Operational2. I also have a few DL380 R02's (G2?) also with integrated smart array controllers. Call these SpareParts1,2,3,4.

Operational1 server had 2 arrays, one for system disk to NT4.0 OS and the other as a data disk. We harvested a pair of 36 GB disks from SpareParts to upgrade Operational1 system disk from a single 18 GB disk to a pair of 36 GB disks. We did this successfully one at a time. Operational1 is now back in service and working well.

Operational2 server had the same configuration as Operational1 and we are attempting the same upgrade. This time, we:
- have successfully mirrored the original 18 GB disk to a pair of 36 GB disk in a RAID 0+1 config
- when trying to expand the Array to use all available disk space, using the latest legacy ACU I can find (2.80), get an error message-- the error says that the operation cannot be performed due to the array being created on another controller... put the array back on that controller and everything will be fine...

Any help is appreciated.