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Raidisk 782 warning makes MSA disks inaccessable

Barış Erdoğan
Occasional Visitor

Raidisk 782 warning makes MSA disks inaccessable

When I setup cluster on windows 2003 Ent 64 bit, I recieve windows event 782. Windows says that Source of this event is raidisk.sys which is multipath driver of SecurePath

Secure path version: 4.0c SP1 workgroup Edition for 64 bit windows systems

Disk Array: MSA1000 firmware 4.32
FC Host Bus Adapter: Emulex LP1050DC

I successfully installed first cluster node But when I turned to second node Windows says "finding resources of cluster" and it waits for 10 minutes by no action and windows generates

raidisk 782 warning:
The driver has detected that subsystem ID xxxxxxxxxx has no active path .The Driver is changing the active path to controller xxxxxx

CPQFCAC Array COntroller \device\FibreArray0 HBA slot 7 is now active

Has anyone got a problem like that?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Raidisk 782 warning makes MSA disks inaccessable

From the description it sounds like event 782 is a normal failover, because the path to the active controller is not/no longer available. The driver will attempt a failover by switching the standby controller to active.

What does you cabling look like? Does every server have two fibre channel adapters that connect to each of the controllers and have you made sure that both controllers and their adapters are separated by distinct fabrics or zoning?
Barış Erdoğan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Raidisk 782 warning makes MSA disks inaccessable

Yes servers have one adapter with two FC ports. One cable is connected to array controller 1 and the other one is connected to array controller 2. I mean cables are separeted by distinct fabric switch. There is no cable between two controllers