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Restrict the use of a partition - Help please

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Restrict the use of a partition - Help please

I have a two HP DL380 servers and one HP MSA500 storage with 10 disks of 146GB.

I need to restrict the use of a partition to get more security.
When I mount a partition in one server, I don't wanna that this partition could be mount again in the another server.
Because it was happen and i lost the partition.

Any help, please?????
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Restrict the use of a partition - Help please

From the ACU, select the MSA500 controller, click "Selective Storage Pressentation" on the right

You'll see a table with the HBA IDs on the rows and the logical units on columns. You can then mark what HBAs will have access to what logical units. This will make a LUN visible only to the servers you want.

Anything that is not explicitly marked will not be visible, so be sure to allow access to all the servers to what they need.

From the MSA manual:

For Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) support on the MSA500 system, be sure the
following firmware versions are present:
â ¢ MSA500 Controller firmware Version 1.66 or later
â ¢ Smart Array 532, 5i, or 5i+ Controller firmware Version 2.36 or later
Frequent Advisor

Re: Restrict the use of a partition - Help please

Thank you!!!!=D