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Shutdown HPArray AND server?

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James Ellis_1
Super Advisor

Shutdown HPArray AND server?

I have HP CE coming onsite in an hour or so. They are supposed to replace one of these or a combination of these: scsi cables, terminator, or array controller.

Not sure if I need to shutdown the 9000 N Class server also? When shutting down the array, I presume I will need to bring down the Array cleanly, and then power down?

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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Shutdown HPArray AND server?

It would help to know that array model and whether or not you have multiple paths configured to the array.

The answer is that "it depends". On some models, even the array controller can be replaced "on the fly" while the array continues to run. Indeed, many MC/SG clusters depend upon being able to replace anything "on the fly".

If you have the luxury to do so then shutdown the host, shutdown the array (typically using the front panel controls), and finally power down the array.

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James Ellis_1
Super Advisor

Re: Shutdown HPArray AND server?


The HP CE determined that the error messages showing up were related ot the SCSI card, so he replaced that. Will let him know if the error msg keeps coming up.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" -Einstein