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To make it easier to find information about HPE Storage products and solutions, we are doing spring cleaning. This includes consolidation of some older boards, and a simpler structure that more accurately reflects how people use HPE Storage.
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Vdisks on EVA

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Vdisks on EVA


Is there any advantage to creating multiple smaller vdisks per host on an EVA to creating 1 large vdisk.
Host- L1000 with A5158A adapter running HP-UX 11.00.
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Re: Vdisks on EVA

Maybe. Not for the EVA, but for hpux.

HPUX, by default, has a queue depth of 8 per LUN. That???s really not enough for most workloads. So, you can either create more LUNs and use LVM to stripe them together, or use scsictl to increase the queue depth per LUN. Scsictl is easy, but not persistent thru a re-boot. So, you can either add scsictl to the boot script or modify the kernel for a different default queue depth per LUN.

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