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configure a new disk in disk array 12H

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configure a new disk in disk array 12H

I plugged a new disk in the the disk array 12H
with the control pannel I performed the balancing.
After the balancing I want to extend my volume group vgora with the new disk.
May I have to create a new lun and perform
pvcreate as follows :
1)arraycfg -L 2 -a 512 serial_id
2) pvcreate
3) vgextend.
the pvcreate is it mandatory ?
please help us.

Re: configure a new disk in disk array 12H

If the disk is new then you will have to perform pvcreate on the disk before putting it into a volume group.

I assume that you are worried that you may lose data if you specify the wrong disk?

Run pvcreate, but don't use the -f option and you should be fine. It will prompt if it is already in use.

Hope this helps.
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