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doubling disk size in raid 5 array

Keith Grimes_1
Occasional Visitor

doubling disk size in raid 5 array

I have three 18Gb drives on a smart array controller as a data volume. I'm aware that if I replace 1 drive with a 36Gb drive the controller will stil register it as an 18Gb drive.
My question is if I, over a period of time, replace all three drives with 36Gb drives, allowing the raid to rebuild between each replacement, when all three are 36Gb, will the controller then recognize them as 36Gb allowing me to resize the partition to use the full size?
Keith Grimes_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: doubling disk size in raid 5 array

clarification after I found a reply to a similar situation but different controller.
The controller is in the 42xx family of smart array controllers. I'm hoping the answer will be the same with this controller and I can do it.