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evaperf output controller field

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Valued Contributor

evaperf output controller field

Hello experts,

My "evaperf cs -sz EVA2" output as following.

Time,CPU %,Data %,Ctlr,Serial,Node
21/Jun/2009 01:52:32,0,0,M03A,XXXXXXXXXXM03A,EVA2
21/Jun/2009 01:52:32,1,0,L04H,XXXXXXXXXXL04H,EVA2

How do I replace M03A as "A", and L04H as "B" ?
How do I define them in fnames.conf, thank you.

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: evaperf output controller field

You can identify them in Command View, click each controller and you'll see the WWID of each one.

If you want to see the names and not the WWIDs, run:

evaperf fnh


evaperf fn

before capturing EVAperf data