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To make it easier to find information about HPE Storage products and solutions, we are doing spring cleaning. This includes consolidation of some older boards, and a simpler structure that more accurately reflects how people use HPE Storage.
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verification of Commands

Muhammad Shamroze
Frequent Advisor

verification of Commands

Q. which command displays the complete configuration of the MSA1000/MSA1500 controller? ALL WWNS TECH_SUPPORT THIS_CONTROLLER

Answers is c but i want to verify it.

Q2.Which two are not accessible from the MSA SAN Switch 2/8 Web Tools? (Choose two)

A. LUN masking
B. Telnet functions
C. zoning configuration
D. SAN topology graphical map
E. port status and frame counts

Answer is A and E but want to verify .
Muhammad Shamroze
Frequent Advisor

Re: verification of Commands

Please reply me the answer ill be very thankful ......thankyou
Honored Contributor

Re: verification of Commands


Q.1. - yep C.

Q.2. - definitely A but not sure if the other correct answer is D or E..I dont have access to the web tools right now - are you sure you can't select individual ports and monitor the port status and frame counts? I seem to recall otherwise...a bit ambiguous to me right at the moment!