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Disk-Based Backup
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Using same EVA for Data and Backup data

Regular Advisor

Using same EVA for Data and Backup data

Any anybody any views on using an EVA6100 for both DR data and backup data. The plan would be to use an exsisting EVA which contains data which has been replicated using CA as a VLS EVA Gateway for backups.
The backup data would be on a seperate diskgroup to the DR data.

Any views or experiance on this would be usefull.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Using same EVA for Data and Backup data

It is possible to use only part of the EVA for the VLS gateway,and the rest for the data, but you should pay a lot of attention how you create the luns and balance between the nodes, as doing this, an automatic load balancing action by the EVA controller and the VLS is not possible. You may end up in difficult configuration and bad performances on some luns related to other