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12H Controllers Firmware Upgrade Problem

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12H Controllers Firmware Upgrade Problem


We have a K360 with hpux 11.0 installed and have two Autoraid model H12 (A3700AZ) arrays. Array 1 controllers has a firmware version of HP32 while Array 2 controllers has a firmware version of HP56. We wanted to upgrade Array 1 controller’s firmware version to HP56 so both Arrays controllers will have the same versions. Also the other reason, we wanted to replace existing 9.1gb disks with 36gb disks on both Arrays. I have PHCO_23262 installed already and these are the steps that I’ve done to upgrade Array 1:

1. get the array_id
2. get the path were I saved the firmware
3. unmount all I/O, deactivate volume and unmount filesystems.
4. Shutdown array 1 using ‘arraymgr –s shut
5. run download using ‘download –C

But after doing all steps listed above this is what I got:

# /opt/hparray/bin/download -C /tmp/c5447ahp56.raw 0000001370E3
Copyright (C) 1995, 1997 Hewlett-Packard Company
Shutdown Complete
`Write Buffer' command failed: SCSI error.
sense data: 70 0 5 0 0 0 0 e
sense data: 0 0 0 0 80 3 0 0
sense data: 0 0 13 0 13 0


AutoRAID firmware download program ending.

We don’t have HP engineer support for this machine since this is not a production machine so we’re doing the array controller firmware upgrades ourselves. So any help would be greatly apprecia
Just starting to learn thru this forum
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Re: 12H Controllers Firmware Upgrade Problem

I posted this twice so I'm leaving the thread of the same one posted. thanks
Just starting to learn thru this forum