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Add array to MSA30

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Add array to MSA30

I have an HP StorageWorks MSA30 (single I/O) connected to a Dell PowerEdge1850 with a PERC4/DC card. The MSA30 currently has only 7 of the 14 drive bays filled with all 7 drives (146gb) configured as one RAID 5 Array (820gb). I need to fill the additional 7 slots to create another RAID 5 array attached to the same PE1850 (preferrably with 300gb drives).

My question is, can I configure the 7 new drives as a second RAID5 array connected to the same I/O port on the MSA30 to the PERC4/DC? Therefore I would have 2 RAID5 arrays on the MSA30 connected to the Dell server with just one cable. The additional port on the PERC4/DC is available, but I don't want to purchase a dual I/O card for the MSA30 if I don't have to; the drives are expensive enough.

BTW, the data on the existing RAID5 array is mission-critical, setup with DFSR and cannot be modified in any way.

kris rombauts
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Re: Add array to MSA30


yes this is possible, load the disks and then start the config utility of the PERC controller. This will not influence the existing RAID5 array. You wil be able to configure whatever raid level you want on those new disks.


The Spartan
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Re: Add array to MSA30

Just a thought-

By accessing both the LUNs on the MSA with the same HBA, I suppose it may lead to -

2. Bottleneck for the data flow

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Re: Add array to MSA30

Thanks for the replies.

The additional array would be used for disk-to-disk-to-tape backups (from the same server), so I/O performance and SPOF shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks again.