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Array extension

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Array extension

Controller: Smart Array Controller 431
Redundancy: RAID 5
Physical drives: 3
Logical drives: 2

In Windows Disk Management I see Disk 0 (Basic) (16,93 GB). Local disk C: 3,97 GB Local disk E: 12.93 GB

Now there is added three new physical disks so there are a total of 6. The new disks is supposed to extend the array. Local disk C: to 43 GB and local disk E to 96 GB.

I planned to use the resource kit tool "diskpart.exe" to extend the local disk E.
Since diskpart can`t extend the systempartition I was planning to do this with a 3rd party tool (Partition Magic).

Now I`ve used the Compaq Array Configuration Utility to Extend the 2 logical drives to 43 GB and 96 GB. This took about 20 hours.
But I can`t see the unallocated space in the Disk Management...

There is another disk (Disk 1) at 39 GB with no drive letters assigned, but it was there before I extended the array.

What do I do to get the space available?
Jefferson Humber
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Re: Array extension

From memory I think you have to get Disk Management to rescan the disks.

This should then pick up the new sizes.

I think a right click on Disk Management gives the option to 'Rescan Disks', but don't have a Windows box here to confirm this.

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Re: Array extension

This probably would make the change, but before I saw your post I restarted the server and the unallocated space was there.

So I fired up diskpart and extended the Local disk E:

After I did that I got this message in disk management:

The boot.ini on the screenshot is modified, it was set to "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT" so I changed it to "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT" on both places.

Then rebooted the server....but no it`s not coming up. It`s on a remote location so I have ping as my only tool to see if the server is alive. And the requests are timing out....for about 15 minutes.

Probably have to go there early tomorrow, but what should I do?
Boot with a Win 2000 Server CD and modify back to partition(2)?