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Auto Reliability Monitoring

Occasional Contributor

Auto Reliability Monitoring


I have a Compaq Proliant 800 with a smart array 221. can i disable the "Auto Reliability Monitoring". Every hours, this ARM stop my work....

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Re: Auto Reliability Monitoring

Sorry, No, are you sure it's ARM, it's more likely to be disk thrashing.
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Re: Auto Reliability Monitoring

Thanks Richard Baker for your answer.

Yes, it's not ARM

It's The "Drive Parameter Tracking task"

In the manual, "Questions and Answers about the Smart Array 221 Controller" there are
a Question

Q - "Why do the drive activity lights light up on some drives when my system is idle?"

A - The Smart Array 221 Controller performs several different background activities on the drives when the controller is otherwise idle. For example, the Auto Reliability Monitoring task scans fault-tolerant volumes for defects and verifies the consistency of parity data. The Drive Parameter Tracking task periodically checks the performance of all drives on the controller, normally on an hourly basis.

Can i disable this ???
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Re: Auto Reliability Monitoring

Have you run the M&P patch on these drives?
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Re: Auto Reliability Monitoring

Agree with the last post, still don't see why background tasks should be an issue, they are designed not to impact on performance. If they do then controller and drive firmware, certainly with equipment of that age, would have been modified by now to prevent this.