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CVSDM configuration problems

Emilio Nunez
Occasional Contributor

CVSDM configuration problems

Hi Friends, I have a rx1620 and a rx2620 connected to a VA7110,
all the configuration to the Array was done using CVSDM installed on rx2620,
so we moved the rx1620 (ip changed) and the va7110 to a new physical location
and rx2620 was left with internal storage only , well here starts the problem,
rx1620 still "seeing" its LUN's with no problem but when I try to configure (create LUN)
the VA7110 using the CVSDM installed there (rx1620) I am not able to do it
when I run the launcher I am receiving
"error getting database reference from localhost"
and appears the SDM screen with no data, I will appreciate any help...thanks a lot.
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Re: CVSDM configuration problems

Check these files and restart the daemons after modification:


Hope this helps!

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