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Cannot see disks

Tim Hempstead
Frequent Advisor

Cannot see disks

We have a linux box running Redhat AS 3.1. This box has a SCSI card using the sym538c857 chipset. We have loaded a kernel module for this and can see both channels on the card under /proc/scsi/sym538c8xx

This machine is attached to a Storage Works 4254 enclosure. The enclosure has lights lit but no lights are lit for the actual disks.

We cannot see any disks down the scsi buses. Does anyone have any ideas why we cannot see any disks down the buses and how we can see what the status of the Storage Works array is?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot see disks

According to my notes, the M4254 is a dual-bus disk drive enclosure and it has an I/O module with two VHDCI connectors. The first 7 bays are connected to one - the other 7 bays to the second I/O connector.

I guess you have put the disk drives in the leftmost bays and connected the SCSI adapter to the wrong bus.

There are no lights on the disk drive carriers - the LEDs are mounted on the backplane and usually driven by a RAID controller. The light moves through optical fibers to the front.