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Convert non-raid to raid

D R Morton
Occasional Visitor

Convert non-raid to raid


I have an ML350 server with a single 80GB scsi disk running windows server 2003. I want to install a 641 Array Controller in the box and convert it to RAID 1 with the addition of a second 80GB drive.

Can I simply install the 641 Array controller, move the current drive to it and boot (maybe having to alter the boot.ini first) then add the second drive and convert to RAID 1 mirroring?

I want to avoid having to re-install O/S etc but and not sure if this will work. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Many Thanks.
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Convert non-raid to raid


unfortunately you'll have to reinstall your OS.
You can't migrate disks from a normal SCSI controller to a Smart Array controller without data loss. When you create the RAID 1 array on the controller it will overwrite the first few hundred sectors of each disk with the RAID Information Set (RIS).