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Copy array question

Nathan Stipe
Occasional Advisor

Copy array question


Currently I have a Generation 2 Compaq ML350. The machine has a compaq 532 array controller running a raid 5 array using 5 drives with one as a hot spare for a total of 6 drives in the internal hot plug backplane. All drives are 9.1 GB. The array contains one logical drive with two partitions, C: and E: OS is windows 2000 server.


Need more drive space on both partitions.

Desired setup*********************

All the same except use 36 GB drives instead of 9.1 GB drives.

Proposed solution******************

I have a spare 532 controller and I can borrow an external storage enclosure from a friend. I want to connect the external storage controller, install my 6 new 36 GB drives, create the logical drive, create the two partitions of the desired size, name them something like F: G:, then copy through windows C: onto F: and E: onto G:. Once this is complete, could I then replace the array in the internal backplane with the one I created in the external drive, rename the partitions F: and G: to C: and E: respectively and have the thing boot normally?
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Re: Copy array question

Just expand the array...

Here is what you need to do:

Perform a fail and replace operation on each disk in your server. While the server is live, pull "one" drive from the array and insert the new 36 GB drive. Let it completely rebuild on the new 36GB drive. When that completes, replace another drive and let it completely rebuild... continue untill all the 9GB drives have been replaced.

Do not pull more than one drive at a time and always make sure the rebuild completes before starting another.

Now, with the ACU from either with your Smart Start CD or from within Windows (make sure you have the latest version if you use the Windows version), expand the RAID5 to use the Unallocated Space.

Then use the Diskpart.exe to expand your partitions as explained in this document:


Set your Rebuild Priority and Expand Priority to High in the controller settings!

Make sure you have the very latest bios installed on the server and the 532!

Read the ACU USers Guide Completely:
Begin on Page 24!

Let me know if you need any other help! -john
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Nathan Stipe
Occasional Advisor

Re: Copy array question


Remeber that I need to increase the size of both partitions. In reading the article you gave me, it basically says that I will only be expand the last windows volume, in my case that would be E: