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Disk Array Controllers

Devon Wheatle
Occasional Contributor

Disk Array Controllers

What is the difference between the Smart 2/P and the Smart-2DH Array Controllers.??? Which is newer or more advance.
Arthur Chang
Frequent Advisor

Re: Disk Array Controllers

Smart array 2DH is newer than 2/P.
Compaq first array card was "Smart Array",It's EISA interface.
Then Compaq produced second generation array was called "Smart Array 2/P" or "2/E",P was PCI interface,E was EISA interface.
then Compaq produced newer array card was called "Smart Array 2DH" and "2SL",2DH was Dual channel High cost,for high-end server used,2SL was Single channel Low cost,for entry-level server used.
Later compaq produced array card continually,smart array 3xxx,4xxx,5xxx.....
I hope these explanation will help you.