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Disk layout in MSA2012-based array

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Disk layout in MSA2012-based array

I'm currently finalising the configuration of an MSA2012 with 3 additional disk shelves, being used for an Exchange 2003 Cluster (2000 users)

This will contain the following disks (all 300Gb SAS):

2 x in RAID-1 VDisk
8 x in RAID-10 VDisk
14 x in RAID-10 VDisk
14 x in RAID-10 VDisk

What I'm (stupidly) struggling with is the best way to lay out the physical disks within the trays to meet best-practice/performance side of things!

I know that best practice dictates that you should spread the disks in a VDisk vertically "as evenly as possible across the shelves) but I'm trying to make sure I interpret that correctly.

I've come up with the attached plan. Does this look like the best way or would I be better spreading the disks more over the first three "columns" of disks?

Suggestions/critique appreciated!