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EMC cx400 disks & luns

Ian Vaughan
Honored Contributor

EMC cx400 disks & luns

We are thinking about purchasing an EMC cx400 for use in a mixed HP-UX and win2K environment. Can this class of array do mirroring / striping etc only at the whole disk level or can the disks (73GB) be carved up into LUNs and then the LUNs mirrored / made part of a raid set etc ?
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Stephanie Nicholls
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Re: EMC cx400 disks & luns


We are in the same situation, looking at purchasing a CX400. My understanding of the beast is that you combine whole disks from teh array into RAID groups, and then assign a 'slice' of the raid group to be a LUN.


Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC cx400 disks & luns

First place to look would be what EMC has to say from their blurb:


Second: if you have an EMC engineer, ask home/her for the information. Ours is excellent.
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Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: EMC cx400 disks & luns

The EMC does behave as you describe. This is the traditional way of implementing RAID.

What you describe as "carved up into LUNs and then the LUNs mirrored" is what we at HP call Virtualization.

Virtualization actually works by allowing you to define a LUN at a RAID level, and the array applies the RAID level on the fly as you use the LUN. This allows a group of drives to have LUNs on it that use different RAID levels (RAID 1/0 and RAID 5 for example).

HP Products are currently the only ones on the market that do RAID this way - and we have 2 product lines that do it - the EVA and the VA7000 products (VA7100, VA7410).

I hope this helps - Good luck!

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Marek Kormanovic_1
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Re: EMC cx400 disks & luns

Hi Ian.

we have CX600, and prepearing migration from MA8000 to CX600.

PLS can you specify servers farm and OS environment ?

Witch type of FC SWITCH are you using ?

If you are using Claster PLS specify ?