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EMC disk array

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EMC disk array

There is any EMC storage device attached to my HP server.I would like to have the following informations
1.How Many disks are present in the storage.
2.How many of the disks are used by the system and how much ae free.

Is there any way to find out this info
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Re: EMC disk array

Hi aruns_s

The EMC disk array shold come with management software which provides a GUI then you can find out these information you want.

We have both HP and HITACHI arrays and all of them have management software.

Jim Mallett
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Re: EMC disk array

As mentioned, there is management software called EMC Control Center that runs on a separate Windows server.

Regarding question 1, you will need something that can interface with the Symmetrix like EMCs Solutions Enabler. From your Unix host type symcli and see if you have it installed. If so, try 'symdev list' to see the information you want. If none are these are installed, you could always request a copy of the bin file from your EMC engineer.

Regarding question 2, there are a few ways of obtaining this information. Do you have inq or syminq available on your system? They give a pretty detailed report of disk available. You could also just use an 'ioscan -fnC disk' and the description field will likely say "EMC Symmetrix".

At the very least you should get a copy of syminq, I believe its free. If you have it you can create a script out of the following and it will tell you what is in use, what is not in use, and give some extra info like which are BCVs and GK devices (remember, this is only if you have syminq available):

# more unused_disk.sh
syminq > /tmp/syminq.txt
for pv in /dev/dsk/c*
if pvdisplay $pv >/dev/null 2>&1
echo "IN USE: " \\c
grep `echo $pv | cut -c 10-16` /tmp/syminq.txt | cut -c 1-22,55-64
echo "NOT IN USE: " \\c
grep `echo $pv | cut -c 10-16` /tmp/syminq.txt | cut -c 1-22,55-64

Hope this helps...
Jim Mallett
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