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EVA3000 and Integrity Servers

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EVA3000 and Integrity Servers

Hi All,

Does EVA 3000 has any conflict with Integrity servers like rx2620 and rx4640?
I want to install an Oracle RAC on two rx2620.I planed to use a EVA3000 as a shared storage for this purpose.However I wonder it will work or not.I heard from a friend integrity servers are not compatible with EVA3000 and I must use EVA4000.Did he correct?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA3000 and Integrity Servers

No, I don't think this generalism is correct.

For example:
OpenVMS V8.2-1 (I64) is supported on the rx1600, rx1620, rx2600, rx2620, rx4640, rx7620, rx8620, Superdome with the EVA3000.

Some versions of Linux RH 4 and SLES8 on the rx5670, zx6000, rx2600, rx4640, rx1600, zx2000, rx7620, rx8620, HP Integrity Superdome (Orca) are supported with the EVA3000.

Windows 2003 64-bit is supported on several Integrity servers when connected to the EVA3000.

HPUX 11I V2 IA64 (11.23) when connected to the EVA3000 is supported on rx8620, rx7620, rx56xx, rx46xx, rx26xx and more (I am too lazy to cut&paste even more ;-).