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EVO 510 + ADAPTEC 2400A

Occasional Contributor

EVO 510 + ADAPTEC 2400A

EVO 510 don't recognize teh adaptec raid 2400A card as an bootable device.
Bios of the 2400A is loaded, and the card is seen by the bios as PCI peripheral.
Is it a solution to boot from this device?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: EVO 510 + ADAPTEC 2400A

I'm not an EVO expert, but I do have a 2400A in a PC at home...

Many PCs today have a BIOS setting that will or will not allow PCI cards' BIOS to be executed. I don't know if the EVO has this (it probably does), but if you turn it on, it should work for you.

Good luck,

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