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Exclude disk form EVA5000

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Christian Marquardt_1
Regular Advisor

Exclude disk form EVA5000

does anyone know what to do when excluding a HDD from EVA5000? Is there any technical documentation about insert/remove HDD's and how to configure?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Exclude disk form EVA5000

excluding = removing, I assume? Else, don't put the disk drive into the system, because the EVA decides in its own which disk drives to use.

First, select the disk drive in Comand View EVA and look if there is an [Ungroup] button on the top. If yes, the disk is a member of a disk group (shown at the bottom of the page). Press this button to start an ungroup. The EVA will start to 'empty' the disk drive and copy the data to the remaining disks.

If the disk contains any VRAID-1 data, its paired member will be relieved from the mirror data as well.

After the disk is no longer part of a disk group, press the [Remove] button and follow the dialogue.

When inserting new disks it is suggested that you put them in one at a time. Check the ONLINE LED (the middle one with the disk drive icon). Is must come up within 75 seconds maximum. Else, remove the disk, wait 60 seconds and retry. If it still does not work - use another disk drive.

After the disk came up, see if it becomes properly registered in Command View EVA. Wait at least 60 seconds between disk insertions, because each plug operation causes a short disruption on the back-end loops. And if you plug in the disk drives to fast, there is a chance that the user interface assigns the same disk number twice.